Submission Instructions

Please thoroughly complete the Marketing Request Form.

For the contact phone number you may enter a DSN, a commercial or a cell phone number. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

You should receive an email immediately following a request submission. If you do not, please check your spam folder.

You must be specific on a target audience to help Marketing determine the proper design and distribution.

Not an FSS Facility?
Please call DSN: 315-225-3308 or email [email protected].

Required fields are marked with *.

  1. Submit only one request per single event.
  2. All requests require a minimum of 14-business day notice (excluding federal holidays) and will NOT begin processing until all required details are complete.
  3. Requests received after 4 p.m. on business days will be processed the following business day. Requests received on weekends will be processed on the following business day (excluding federal holidays).
  4. Final proofs must be electronically approved by POC via email prior to printing; verbal approvals are not accepted.
  5. Rush requests require Flight Chief approval.
  6. Five or more Laminated Foam Core Posters requests REQUIRE no less than 21-business day notice before due date.

I want to request a Photographer
Requests for photos to be taken should be submitted in advance as far as possible. We adhere by our 5 business day timeline, however, we understand that requests come up last minute and we will do our best to accommodate them. Submitting a photo request does not guarantee photography at your event. If you have any questions, please contact the 374th FSS Marketing Department directly at DSN 225-3308 or email at 374fss.fsk. [email protected] .

(Please click here for a Photo Request)

Submit Request Ticket


At this time the Marketing Department is not accepting any outside work order requests from Non-FSS facilities until further notice. For more information, please contact 225-3308. 

No kidding

Marketing requires a minimum of 14-business day notice (excluding federal holidays) and will NOT begin processing until all required details are complete.

General Information
Please be specific. (Publication, display, distribution etc.)
Event Details
Which of these is not an animal: chicken, spider, shirt
Before submitting please make sure of the following
  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is correct and error-free
  • If you would like photos of your event, please note that you will need to fill out a separate photo request form (Click here) no later than 5 business days from the event date.
We have:
  • recorded as your IP Address
  • recorded the time of your submission

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